Hot lava floor

The dogs love playing hot lava floor in the sense that they’ll sleep on anything but the floor. Usually if I’m in my favorite reading chair upstairs with the ottoman, we all have to be on it. Sophie will squish in next to me while Rufus gets the ottoman. We’re all in the life boat, safely floating away from the lava monsters.

This poses some problems, namely one of space. Everything used to be Sophie’s domain until April 13. Then she had to share. She never gets territorial but like a typical and non-psychopathic older child, sharing has become a learned skill.

Despite having two beds in the living room, Rufus often insisted that they both share one, lest they float away in different directions and become only dogs. For two dogs over fifty pounds, it was a tight fit:

img_0026Sometimes it was about being near the heating vent, sometimes just because Rufus needed a snuggle. For her part, Sophie never got on a bed where Rufus was already sleeping since she knew how much space she wanted.

Armed with a PetSmart gift card (thank you to my neighbor who offered it in exchange for Rufus’ old puppy crate that could maybe fit half of him these days), Sophie and I headed to PetSmart to get a new bed. This is one of her favorite spots in the world. She starts squeaking as soon as we’re in the parking lot. Once there she roams the aisles wiggling at everybody. Then once we check out, she knows to run behind the cashier’s counter because that’s where the treats are!!!! And they always reward her for sitting and looking desperately hungry. Usually with three biscuits. She always makes out well.

We got the bed home, and neither dog wanted to go near it. Sophie chose the old beds for a bit while Rufus inspected the new one. He sniffed around it and tried to lift it up to check out the underside. Then he sat on his other bed.

Finally a breakthrough. It was a very cold twelve degrees this morning. They both decided they needed time in front of the heating vent and have been sleeping there for a few hours.

img_0031Enough room for each dog, yet squished together seems to be the preferred method of sleeping in the mornings. The Top Paw Orthopedic Inner Spring Bed, 32.5 x 42 x 6 inches. On sale at PetSmart for about $55. Hoping it lasts with 125+ pounds of dog on it.

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  1. Good solution – a bigger bed. I need one for me now that both the dog and cat have decided they can sleep together on my bed with me. I also need an orthopedic one for my aging dog … something not this big but good quality.

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  2. LOL, love the term “hot lava floor.” Jasmine actually used to seek bare floor for the coolness. Of course, that never lasts so then she had to move elsewhere. Every since we got her a cooling bed she spent 90% of time on that and the remaining 10% on furniture with us snuggling.

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    1. You’d think my dogs would love a cool floor. Rufus only lies on the kitchen floor after a round of intense zoomies. Otherwise, he is on the dog bed. And Sophie’s coat is so thick you’d think she’d skip the bed but she loves the heat. I actually have to call her indoors on summer days. She loves lying in the sun but once she’s panting I drag her butt inside to cool her down, LOL. I must have weirdos for dogs.


  3. LOL Hot lava floor. Clever saying. Well I guess the big plus is both dogs like to sleep beside each other. That saves mom money when buying a new bed vs. 2 new beds. Love the pics by the way. Very sweet.

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  4. Our dogs do the same, lying on one tiny bed or squished on one section of the couch when there are ample beds for all. Glad you found a good solution! Hope the bed lasts a long time for their ultimate comfort in front of the vent! 🙂

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  5. Layla sleeps on the floor when it is hot outside, because it is cooler plus she hides under the covers which lap over my bed so she has her darkness also, but she does have at least 3 beds in the house also LOL

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  6. Hot lava floor!!! I LOVE it. The post reminded me of Brulee. She insists on being at least 1-inch above ground when resting. If there is a box or towel on the floor, she’ll lie down on it instead of the floor. They prefer my human beds and the cat trees.

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  7. I love dogs that snuggle with each other. That looks like a nice bed. Two of my dogs and the cat will all cuddle together on the same bed when it is cold. But once it heats up, everyone needs their own space.

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  8. Giggling here only because my pup is 3.5 pounds and an only kid so … LOL but I use to have a 90 pound Belgian Bouvier. And that was a lot of dog. Luckily she took to using the dining room table as her “crate” and that solved a lot of issues. My Dane before did that too … funny now that I think on it.

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  9. It does take some time to get used to a new bed. Sometimes you buy a bed for one pet and the other claims it like little Phoebe did of the bed I intended for her larger Husky sister! Sophie & Rufus look nice & cozy on their new bed!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  10. Your dogs are so cute sleeping together! I bet they love getting to snuggle up on their new bed. 🙂 My cats like to play Hot Lava Floor too. If there is a receipt that has fallen on the floor, that is exactly where they will lay down.

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