Chew on this


This is a growing list I started in May of the chew damage done by the adorable shithead doodle bug, some of it occurring directly in front of me. The computer cord was maddening, but in fairness it was just dangling in front of him. The riding helmet still baffles me. He pulled it out of the bag with my riding stuff and dragged it through the kitchen and into the back yard before giving it a good chomp. All of the cushioning in the back part was torn up as well as some interior lining. I should have heard it clunking along the floor – can’t believe how stealthy he was.

The Dasuquin raid freaked me out. The vet assured me he’d be OK. Sophie needs the stuff for her knee (an ACL tear that happened before she ended up here) so the new bottle is well out of reach.

The slipper was early and out of character. He stays away from shoes for the most part, unless I’m wearing them – then it’s a game.

I can add a few things to the list: porch broom handle and a badminton racquet.

It’s possible he should be renamed in honor of the greatest Chewie of all, but he might not be fuzzy enough:


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