Exquisite corpse of an orange thing

img_0015What is this?

This orange thing in the foreground is a thing that Rufus chewed. I *think* it might have been a part of a broom that he took apart but I’m not completely sure. It’s not a fork although it might have been a good one.

In the background you can see my Hedwig playbill from the recent tour, my Zevia soda, the very top of the dogs’ ear medicine, one of two Christmas cards sent to me from http://www.Chewy.com where I can get the dogs’ food, Dasuquin, crate (blurry in the background), treats, etc.  Dogs are off in another room.

Stain update: The Bac-Out seems to be working. I sent a message via FB to them and asked about applying it directly to the carpet. They told me that was the idea although it may take more than one application. So we’re applying again. It’s improving. It also has a pleasant odor so cleaning with it is not any sort of breath-holding event.

The title references a song in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Here is a link:

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