First World Washing Machine Problems

About three weeks ago I got my new WhirlPool washing machine.  For some reason this has always been my favorite appliance. Front loaders look like space capsules and that’s awesome.The seven-year-old Amana died a glorious death, having lasted much longer than many of its peers. I learned that Amana stopped making the model I had because of dying motors so I was lucky to have had it for that long.

There was a lag between the old machine’s death and the delivery of the new one, so in that time I went to the laundromat. I reverted to my quarter-hoarding days of my twenties and thirties, back when I was an apartment dweller. That skill never really left me – for some reason I’m not quick to use quarters when paying in change if it means saving a few. Anyway, the laundromat was fine, although the machines there made my clothes smell just a little bit weird. So I was thrilled to have the new one finally show up.

Unlike the Amana, this one seems to always have lots of dog hair left in it after any wash. Since getting Sophie three years ago I’ve been really careful about this for fear of destroying my hoses. I would sprinkle baking soda on clothes and use white vinegar as the rinse agent. Now I have stainless steel hoses but I’m not taking any chances.

And I have to wipe it out after every use. That may sound like overkill but no matter what it is that I’m washing, there is a very good chance that there is more than a little dog hair on it. God help the whole contraption when I’m actually washing dog stuff.

So after every wash I wipe it out. WhirlPool recommends their product Affresh but seriously, anything will be fine. My generic SafeWay cleaner works just as well.

Pulling back the rubber seal, you’ll fine a treasure trove of gross dog hair.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the new machine. I sort of wish that the dryer had died as well so I could have bought a whole new set. The more my house can look like a Sci-Fi movie set the happier I am.

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