The Eyes Have It (Or: How to Behave at the Vet)

Today’s post is being hijacked by Sophie who gets the star treatment today because once again she has…pink eye!

Sophie has this grossness. I noticed some redness last night, and it was bothering her this morning. The crustiness tells me it is definitely the pink pox.


I used to get pink eye all the time. First in college, then as a teacher in a public school. I’m so similar to Sophie in this regard that I know the signs. Of course her virus isn’t contagious to humans, or isn’t “zoonotic” – my new favorite word – so at least there’s that.

I got a vet appointment for noon today. Unlike Rufus, Sophie loves the vet office staff. She adores them. She would marry them if she could. She’d move in and snuggle with them every single night. When we pull into the parking lot she squeaks with joy, even more than when we go to PetSmart, it’s just that awesome. img_0063

The vet tech just loved her and couldn’t stop petting and smooching her.

Her eyes were stained with some green stuff to see if she had a scratch or eye ulcers (I had those once. Fun.) Then when the lights were off the vet used a blue light to inspect her some more. No scratches. Good stuff. But that left pink eye. And that meant eye drops.

Sophie does not like getting eye drops.

She didn’t try to run, and she didn’t do anything awful. She just shut her eyes tightly and made it very difficult to give her the antibiotics. But the deed got done and Sophie wiggled and got her treat at the end.

I couldn’t help but wonder what a pill Rufus would have been. I don’t like thinking about that because it is possible that Sophie picked this up from him. He’s had some giant eye goobers after coming in from the backyard, but I chalked that up to allergies. We get weird stuff blooming and flying around during our 50 degree days, in between snow storms. Maybe it was an irritant with him and they played and it inflamed her eyes…who knows. His eyes are not red and crusty. Just goobery after being outside.

Now the trick is to keep these two apart. He is in his crate, not happy to be a few feet away from Sophie (rather than directly next to her). I bribed him with a toy which he has already destroyed. He’s going to have to suck it up.

I’m washing sheets and dog bed covers today in hopes of getting this stuff out of here. And as I learned in college, Sophie is not to share her mascara or eyeliner with anyone.

His Jolly Tug toy was in tact at the start of the post.
This is all that remains of the toy. He is now whining. Tough luck, kid.


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