A good week!

Rufus has been tearing it up with walking at heel and playing with the toy on the flirt pole. Good stuff.

First, on Wednesday we had a lesson with Eric. Rufus did well. He still barked, but unknown places with unknown people kind of scare him. He ought to know Eric by now but it’s a ritual he likes to go through – Rufus, that is.  Sort of a “Hey buddy – I don’t know your game but you aren’t going to mess with me!” We played “Lose the Ones You Love” and Eric was kind enough to let us use some chicken from his lunch. He seriously didn’t have to do that.

Since we had a shorter session this week, Rufus was less stressed out but still was up for a game of fetch. He loves playing this with Eric because Eric will use two balls, and the space doesn’t have too many obstacles to come between him and the ball.

And today I began my day with my usual yoga-coffee-news ritual (done all at the same time) that the dogs feel entitled to barge in on. If I don’t do at least some yoga stretches then I’m really not comfortable during the day. I long for the days so many years ago when it took a full weekend of an ultimate frisbee tournament or a day hiking a 14er to make me feel stiff. Now all I have to do is get out of bed.

The yoga mat got a good scrubbing after this. It was more than a little gross.

It’s Sophie’s birthday so she and I went to the dog park – I can’t tell you how awesome and stress-free it is to go there without a certain you-know-who. Rufus just can’t handle it, unfortunately. But Sophie loves it and always does well. If someone tries to mess with her she turns and goes the other way. She just does not lose her cool (unless it’s a mailman or a cat). If someone does want to play, then hell yeah! She’s always up for that.

Afterwards we headed to Ciji’s Natural Pet Supplies in Park Hill for her birthday cookie. They say there’s no sugar in it. Hmm. I’m not convinced because that cookie looks too sprinkly. But it’s her birthday so we’re fine with that today.

Finally I’m feeling good because I have a slow-cooked chicken to look forward to. There isn’t a whole lot that I have to do on the preparation end, other than chop up onions and lemons and garlic, and concoct some sort of spice rub. Then I stick everything in the slow cooker and wait six hours. Somehow I always end up with a sense of great satisfaction without the exhaustion that goes into preparing something like a Thanksgiving dinner.

Just before putting on the lid and hitting low heat for six hours. Doodle-Bug was my helper for every step of preparation.

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