Happy Gotcha Day

A year ago today I found this urchin in an alley, hungry and probably wondering why his people weren’t coming back to get him. I chased him through the neighborhood, only to end up back in that same alley.

He was reluctant to come with me, and even more scared to come into the back yard.

All of that changed when he met Sophie whom he became friends with immediately.

Facebook posts to our neighborhood page and queries to the local shelters yielded nothing. There were no lost dog signs or any reports of someone like him being gone. And of course, Animal Control responded with “Yay! Keep him!”

Now he’s chipped, registered, vaccinated, well-fed, and maybe still growing. And he’s mine.

He’s chewed hats and shoes and yard tools and money.

He’s been kicked out of one obedience class and embraced by another.

He’s my Noodle, my Doodle-bug, my charming boy who scares the crap out of anyone who looks at him too long.

Happy Gotcha-versary former little guy who’s now a big kid.





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