I am headed out for a few days of beautiful South Carolina weather to attend the 2017 BlogPaws Conference. It coincides perfectly with the oncoming snow Denver is supposed to get this weekend.

Of course, it also means having to drop the dogs off at dog-topia. The pups knew something was up. Rufus has figured out that suitcases mean some sort of upheaval in his very placid life. He isn’t exactly sure what the suitcase actually does, but he knows that he does not like it. He sniffed the clothes on the insides as well as some toiletries, even going so far as to move them around. Then he also started his sleeping next to the suitcase, choosing to guard it rather than getting on the bed. This is a big deal. He likes taking the center of the bed. But eventually he got on the bed and used me as a pillow, acting very clingy and knowing that something in our lives was slightly off-kilter.

We had a pretty normal morning, although he is quite the sleepy-head in the mornings. Who am I kidding? I am too. My days of 5am wake-ups are over but now even though we wake up with the sun, we want to head back to bed. I’m trying to end that practice.

Our journey to dog-topia today was met with some interesting traffic problems, causing me to wonder if this was God telling me to take my dogs to SC. Sophie was not thrilled to be in the backseat with Rufus and did not come up front with me, as she is wont to do. Rufus was on high alert and did not turn this car trip into romper room. They were both very still the entire time. I know I must not personify my dogs but they are capable of inferring plenty.

Once we got to dog-topia, one of the staff members cupped Rufus’ face in her hands and made kiss noises at him. He wagged his tail back at her and did not indicate any uncertainty at all. Then both he and Sophie ran down the chute to the play area. No barking from Sophie towards me, and no weirdness from Rufus. Good stuff.

That is the hardest part, hands down. But now that I’m back home with about forty-five minutes before leaving for the airport, I know my dogs are going to be fine. They are more than capable of behaving themselves at dog-topia and they will have a great time with a staff that dotes on them.

The wonderful place where I trust my dogs to be well taken care of.


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