Coat update

The first coat I got Rufus was pretty bad-ass looking, as dog coats go. It sort of had a tough-guy thing going. Sadly, it was too big and Rufus also ran away from it. So I returned it.

In exchange I got the only size large coat that they had: a white Pendleton coat. When he wears it, I think he looks like my grandmother, circa 1974.

(This lady is not my grandmother)

20 Thoughts

  1. HAHA I love that you had to caption Queen Elizabeth as not being your grandmother. 🙂 Poor Rufus just has more preppy tastes- he doesn’t want to look like a bad boy at all. Gotta respect his wishes.

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  2. LOL At least he does not run away from the “Grandma” coat. I think he looks very nice in it. Our Lyla is always hot even in the winter. I do not think she would like a coat but I would love some pretty outfits for her, She is after all my blog mascot and I blog about fashion too so she needs some good looks!

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  3. So far we only used a coat when any of the dogs got shaved for a procedure during the winter time. And we used life jackets. But now I’m considering a onesie for bug protection.

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  4. ROFL!! You DID make us laugh!! I did a double take when I saw the Queen!! I thought wow, no, wait er……

    I hope Rufus find the coat useful, even if its not badass bad 😉 If it works IT WORKS!


  5. I LOL’d at that photo of Queen Elizabeth and your caption about it not being your grandmother. Rufus, you could pull of any coat, dude! Lookin’ good! 😉

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  6. It may be an older style coat, but it is still really cute on Rufus! Don’t worry, fashions always cycle back around. Soon everyone will be wearing that style again. Who knows, maybe Rufus has started a trend! 🙂


  7. Baaahahahahaha, not your grandmother! Well, one can dream, right? Have you heard of teckelklub? They make awesome coats and can custom make them to meet your dog’s measurement requirements. I’d recommend checking them out. They are a really great company to work with! Tell them I sent you, maybe they’ll be able to give a discount or a product for you to try in exchange for a blog post.

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  8. LOL, I was confused for a second before seeing the “not my grandmother” caption!
    Echo has two coats, but he rarely wears them since he is a husky! I bought them more for style in the winter rather than to keep him warm. LOL

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  9. That is HILARIOUS! I love the Queen Elizabeth/Not my grandmother reference! Would have loved to see the comments if you’d just left the picture un-captioned 😉 Rufus looks fabulous in the Pendleton! I second what Bryn said about Teckelklub! They are fantastic to work with and I love their coats (Piper has three!)

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