Today, December 7

Jumping ahead to the present…

It’s my mom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! She’s in toasty warm Wisconsin, so I sent her wishes from toasty warm Colorado where we are enjoying temperatures around 15 degrees.

I thought today was my day to work at the Colorado Pet Pantry – the awesome non profit started by my friend Eileen Lambert that helps people get pet food if they hit hard times. I was all bundled up with the Gore-Tex pants and all when I got her reply to my text: “No Pet Pantry Today. It’s next week.” She didn’t add the “Duh” to it although she would have been justified to do so. It’s the second Wednesday of the month, not the first. (Feel free to check out

Still cold outside. Rufus needs a coat since the one nature gave him is pretty thin. I headed out to Orvis and was amazed that I got a free parking spot – I think the meter is on the fritz – and they convinced me to get an Extra Large since he’s over 70 pounds. Yeah, the puppy grew.

Came home and let him out of his crate. I took the coat out of the bag and instantly he thought it was a toy. Sorry little guy, this is for you to wear. He hated that idea. Just freaking hated it. Almost as much as the initial crate. He ran away from it. Ran behind the sofa. Ran back into his crate. Sigh. When I did get it on him sort of, it just swallowed him. It’s way too big. Frack. Maybe I ought to just return the monster coat. He seemed fine running around the back yard with Sophie.

Except we are expected to get a few days below zero degrees. I think the coat will win this one.

This coat is clearly terrifying:


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