The Battle of Heat Vent Alley



When Sophie and Rufus are outside in subzero weather, they run around as if the temperature were nothing. It’s pretty impressive. But once they return to the house they act like naked Chihuahuas and make a dash to hang out in front of the heating vent.

It started out as Sophie’s spot. My thick-coat Aussie Cattle Dog mix has always been something of a heat hog. She loves curling up in front of the vent to absorb all of the heat, even to the point of panting. She’ll do the same thing on a hot day outside: sit in the sun to where it is physically depleting her but God help you if you want to get her to move. I wonder how she’d do in hot yoga…there’s an image: as if sweating in a 100+ degree room weren’t gross enough, just add some dog hair to it. Enjoy!

Now Rufus has joined in the heat-hogging making it a little battle of wills every morning. If Sophie gets there first, then she’ll snag the spot that is the perfect distance away from the vent. The problem is that the doodle bug will find a way to insert himself into that gap, blocking the heat for Sophie and taking it all for himself. And here is the truism: Puppies can be assholes.

Today we had this situation where Sophie is clearly not pleased:


Yesterday, however, it worked out beautifully and they even formed a little heart, if you squint and don’t think too much:


But it’s pretty clear that once again, Rufus is blocking the heat.

We can end with a tribute to George S. Irving, the actor who voiced the beloved Heat Miser:

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