We Are Who We Are

Let’s update the “What Have We Been Chewing?” list

  1. Dustpan
  2. Kitchen compost bin
  3. $20 bill
Remnants of the $20 bill I found Rufus carrying around.

This all happened on the same night. My book club came over for dinner, and I told them I would happily host with the option of moving to a restaurant in case of inclement weather. The dogs would be outside since Rufus still has an issue with strangers. He remains better with women than men, but nine women he’s never met would not put him at ease in his kitchen, so he spent the evening in the back yard while the weather remained as lovely as it could be for March.

There was no barking from him. Sophie barked a little as they played but they seemed to stick with chasing although I know wrestling was involved. They spent a lot of time looking forlorn and peering into the kitchen from the miserable sixty degree weather they were forced to endure.

So as of now, people can come over and the dogs can be outside. Rufus may or may not act protectively/frightened/asshole-ish if he is let inside. Sophie always wins fans so she is never the issue. She is such a freakishly nice animal. She made many friends today at the dog park just by wiggling her tail and led them all on a little pied piper walk down the path as owners scrambled after them. It is nice to go to the dog park and not have to hear “whose dog is this?” angrily shouted my way as Rufus continuously circles his desired playmate like a great white shark encircling a stoned skinny dipper from Amity Island.

Play with me! I want to be your best friend!

I’m sure the other dogs’ owners would agree with that image, although it’s not fair. Rufus doesn’t look at other dogs as brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, or anything food related. He’s just a wrestler. Sophie gives corrections occasionally but she’s usually game for full-on WWE antics in the back yard so it’s not as though she’s ready for finishing school just yet. Actually, that ship has sailed. Sophie will never be the First Lady, and I accepted that.



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