The Madness of March and Calmness of Rufus

How do you make life difficult for a sleeping dog?

You watch the Wisconsin-Florida Sweet Sixteen game, of course!

This was a late game starting at 8pm Mountain Time and was the first game in the tourney to go into OT.

First there was this shot from Zak Showalter at the end of the second half, which caused me to yell “Three!” or something obvious like that because the Badgers needed three points to tie the game and go onto overtime. He made it and pointed to Aaron Freakin’ Rodgers before doing Rodgers’ touchdown move.


After four minutes and fifty eight (or so) seconds of over time, the Badgers were up 83-81. My nerves were shot. I don’t care if it’s high school or college basketball. This sport is too exciting for words, literally. I emitted a lot of “Ughs!” and “Woos!” Rufus, having been awakened by Zak’s awesome three pointer, decided to check on me in a very calm manner. He did not get riled up at all like he normally does. He slowly walked over to me with a slow tail wiggle to make sure I hadn’t gone off the deep end. That’s Sophie’s job! But she was upstairs sleeping so Rufus became the adult in the room. I must’ve been a maniac to make a year-old spazoid of a dog adopt an attitude of: “Hey there – take it easy. Breathe.”

And then, of course, Florida did this:


It went in. It was a beautiful three point shot that unfortunately knocked UW out of the tourney. 84-83.  I covered my face in disbelief. There were a few seconds of hoping that the basket would not count. That’s the sad hope of the truly desperate.

And Rufus was an absolute doll this whole time. It’s good to know that this guy has my back, even when I wake him up from a peaceful sleep.



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